Thursday, September 4, 2008

News publishing and social media

Exciting to see so many news publishers active on social media sites. The power of community building and the instant feedback it provides offers a new tool to product managers and editors. But, the publishers must put a face to name and respond to the feedback.

Citizen journalism is exciting and social media has made it fast and cheap to disseminate CJ news but, as I always say, can you trust CJ news -- especially a big breaking news?

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

unified via imified, a journo's dream

Experimenting with bots via imified and think there is a huge potential here. Need to spend some time to crack this.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 15 – aazaadi shopping ki

Every August 15 you are reminded of the significance of the date. Reminded by the day's visual manifestation and the holiday you enjoy.

The unfurling of the flag, the national anthem, Prime Minister's speech on TV, the plastic flags my mother puts up in our front courtyard and the huge adverts in newspapers and supplements announcing the special sale on the occasion of our Independence day.

Unfortunately with most, including yours truly, it is these ads that return more value than the sum total in raddi value of either the news or the news print.

So this August 15 we had MTNL announcing a cut in its broadband tariff, Shoppers Stop had an up to 51 pct discount sale and many other such wonderful schemes which promised you savings on average spends of Rs 15000 or more. Ingenious I say for you save more when you spend more. Brilliant.

So till a few years back, before the dawn of 7/12 malls, August 15 meant reading, watching TV or visiting friends and family for it was a holiday for all – barring the emergency service staff – and so all shops were closed and little means available to spend your money.

This August 15, I had the freedom to choose. Choose which mall to go to spend my money for all were open and most had a sale.

I chose the Select City Walk mall for my retail therapy and to spend some serious money.

Ahh!!! August 15 -- the joy and spirit of freedom, the true feeling of independence, the power to decide any mall, multiplex or food court.

What great power we have. What feeling of total freedom. Jai Hind!

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